This is more common than you’d think. I was tasked with creating an admin section for an application that required image uploads. I figured it would be nice if the Admin had a thumbnail of the image that was just uploaded. PHP makes this easy. Here’s a function to keep handy.

{code type=php}
function createthumb($name,$filename,$new_w,$new_h){

if (preg_match(‘/jpg|jpeg/’,$system[1])){
if (preg_match(‘/png/’,$system[1])){
if (preg_match(‘/gif/’,$system[1])){

if ($old_x > $old_y) {
if ($old_x < $old_y) { $thumb_w=$old_x*($new_w/$old_y); $thumb_h=$new_h; } if ($old_x == $old_y) { $thumb_w=$new_w; $thumb_h=$new_h; } $dst_img=ImageCreateTrueColor($thumb_w,$thumb_h); imagecopyresampled($dst_img,$src_img,0,0,0,0,$thumb_w,$thumb_h,$old_x,$old_y); if (preg_match("/png/",$system[1])) { imagepng($dst_img,$filename); } if (preg_match("/gif/",$system[1])) { imagegif($dst_img,$filename); } else { imagejpeg($dst_img,$filename); } imagedestroy($dst_img); imagedestroy($ {/code}