HomeLast Saturday, I took a break from the usual grind, and attended the AT&T Mobile Hackathon. The At&t Sponsored event in the heart if downtown Atlanta, featured prominent, mobile framework vendors such as AppMobi, Titanium, Apigee, Immersion and more.

The Event began with quick introductions from the framework vendors present, then it was on to coding.  Here is a rundown of the event posting on AT&T’s blog.

This last Saturday’s AT&T Mobile App Hackathon produced some of the best apps I’ve seen and the technical proficiency of the group was extremely high. Around 82+ developers showed up with a number of people that popped in at the end to check out the app pitches (8 total apps produced). The top three apps (Four Corners, YouJuke & Food Porn)received universal approval from the judging panel without much discussion. The top app was Four Corners, which was a highly interactive game that really ignited the crowd and showed that a simple game was possible in an afternoon.
As a tip for future hackathons, here are a couple of common themes that seem to resonate with the judges:

  • Interactivity – Does your app engage the masses? Is it multiplayer?
  • Fun Factor – Remember how jumping in those big blowup castles was so much fun? Recreate that feeling in your next app!
  • Technical Complexity – deploy Node.js, device to device messaging, Augmented Reality, QR Code reader, accelerator or vibration (check out Immersion.com)
  • Speed – Can you rapidly deploy your solution? Bonus kudos points if you can achieve a solution within a couple of hours.
  • Cloud Hosted Solution – Deploy to AWS, Heroku, Joyent, etc
  • Use APIs – Pull data from Yelp, Twitter, Facebook or any other online data provider
  • Use a Database – Use Mongolabs.com to store and retrieve your data
  • Check your code into github – This enables sharing of your code with other participants as well as promotion of your technical abilities.

Here is a rundown of all the apps that were produced:

  • Color Me – Digital coloring book
  • Travel Warnings – It uses hyperlocal to connect people in a small space to others to present, view, and comment on speeches in real time using our feature-rich HTML5 client. App was written
  • GeoSpeaker – This app uses hyperlocal to connect people in a small space to others to present, view, and comment on speeches in real time using our feature-rich HTML5 client
  • Business License Finder – Search for Business Licenses and Permits. App was written natively for Android
  • Four Corners – Code: https://github.com/lorennorman/four-corners Demo: http://four-corners.herokuapp.com – Allows multiple players to scan a QR code to join a team in a game.  Players tap on their own mobile device, which the impact is seen on the game board on a larger shared screen. @cyu @blakebyrnes @dsims @lorennorman
  • YouJuke – Social music selection – @urvaksh
  • Food Pornhttps://market.android.com/details?id=com.nightshadelabs.foodporn&feature=search_result – Food Porn only shows beautiful pictures of a food near by you and gives you directions to it.It does nothing else and has absolutely no social networking whatsoever by design.
  • Road Ragehttp://roadrage.heroku.com/ – @maysundays @mannyblum @ardell – report potholes, bad road signs and other traveling problems.

As for the food that was consumed, I have to say that I’ve never see so many donuts or pizza consumed so fast. Though, the consumption speed was probably due to the fact that we ordered Sublime Donuts and Antico Pizza. Even though I am tempted to order other types of food, Antico Pizza is such a mind blowing experience, it’s going to be hard to replace. The crust was crispy and chewy all at the same time and the pizza sauce had a delightfully light touch of garlic. If you are in Atlanta, you must stop by Antico Pizza. Be sure to ask for Fabiana, the owner, and she’ll take good care of you.