Instant RSpec Test-Driven Development How-to Book Cover Instant RSpec Test-Driven Development How-to
Charles Feduke
Packt Publishing
June 25, 2013
Safari Books Online

Weighing in at only 55 pages, Instant Rspec gets the reader up to speed very quickly with the rspec domain language. There is zero waste in the book. The author does not even bother to define rspec. He starts off with a brief overview of TDD then jumps right into installing rspec.

The code examples are clear and concise. The console screenshots in chapter 1 were so pretty that I was enticed into finally setting up z-shell and pimping my own console. The book prefixed each chapter with simple, intermediate or advanced to indicate the comprehension level of the content. This really helped with reading speed as I tended to gloss over the simple concepts and I prepared myself mentally for the intermediate and advanced concepts.

Overall the book was well written. The chapter on mocking could use a bit more clarification but that’s nothing a bit of Googling and stack overflow can’t fix.

It took me a weekend to read this book. That’s a normal weekend with a family and all the responsibilities that comes with one. This book can easily be read within an hour or two in one sitting.

If you want to get started with rspec testing or need a deeper understanding than what you get from typical rails how to books, then this book is for you.


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