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Author: Darren Cato

Instailling PHPUnit with WAMP

Because this gave me so much trouble  I decided to re-blog it here. Thanks to the original poster. Download and Install WAMP Once you have installed and setup WAMP, open up the command prompt and go to your php directory in WAMP C:\>cd wamp\bin\php\php5.2.5 From here you must run the go-pear.bat file to install PEAR and all the files needed for it C:\wamp\bin\php\php5.2.5>go-pear.bat When executed PEAR will ask you a series of question to set itself up correctly, if you don’t know what your doing then just accept the defaults Once installed you must run the PEAR_ENV.reg which will create the environment variables for the user, so that PEAR can be called in any directory on the command line> C:\wamp\bin\php\php5.2.5>PEAR_ENV.reg For me, it seemed to work no problem, but if you cannot call PEAR from the command prompt, then you must manually add the directory to the path in the Environment Variables list, found in System Properties -> Advanced-> Environment Variables, then add the directory C:\wamp\bin\php\php5.2.5 to the PATH variable Once you have PEAR setup, then you must register the PHPUnit channel with PEAR C:\wamp\bin\php\php5.2.5>pear channel-discover Now you can use the PEAR to install packages from the PHPUnit channel C:\wamp\bin\php\php5.2.5>pear install phpunit/PHPUnit You should now find the PHPUnit source files under the PHP directory …Happy Days Like this:Like...

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Walmart sells Wii for $150

For a limited time walmart will cough up a $50 gift card after the purchase of of a new Wii console, effectively dropping the price to $149. And because its walmart you’re gonna spend that extra $50 anyway. Wii Console with $50 Gift Card Beginning this Saturday, Dec. 5 at 8 a.m. through Dec. 12, Walmart will offer a $50 Walmart Gift Card immediately after the purchase of the $199 Wii console. The card can be used on the very next purchase or at any future purchase at any Walmart store. Shoppers can find more information about Walmart’s weekly holiday savings announcements this season by going to Shoppers can make their video game purchases online by Dec. 20 at with guaranteed arrival before Christmas extracted from Like this:Like...

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fix to the install issue in DFGallery2

I tried posting this in the DFGallery blog but there was an captha issue that would not let me post. I’m not sure if this as already been resolved or not, but i have a guaranteed fix to the We expected ‘true’ from the url : (mydomain)/api/rest/test_curl issue. The script to  generate the base url is incorrect. Simply hard code your base url and all should be well. this is how. in install.php, comment out or delete line 200 $curl_url = ‘http://’.$_SERVER[‘SERVER_NAME’].substr($_SERVER[‘SCRIPT_NAME’],0,strpos($_SERVER[‘SCRIPT_NAME’],’/index.php’)). ‘/api/rest/test_curl’; then replace with the url where the script is installed. for example $curl_url = ‘http://mydomain/mysubdirectory/api/rest/test_curl’; do the same in line 35 of the app/config/config.php file enjoy. and thanks to the dev, havent used it yet but this seems to be a nice app. Like this:Like...

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Keep that Job!

Last edition of the Tribune, I offered some thoughts on how to land your dream job. In this issue, let’s focus on those already there; here are seven ideas on how to keep that gig! Work smarter not harder. Working night and day is never a good idea — instead, simply try to make sure you work as productively as you can. Make sure to prioritize and manage your time effectively. Don’t watch the clock. If you arrive one minute before the office opens, and then scram one minute after the day officially ends, you could be sending the wrong message. Show your boss you’re interested and passionate in what you do by putting in the extra time when a project calls for it. Also, a few extra minutes each day can really make a big difference to your productivity and deliverables. Dress well. Irrespective of your colleagues’ dress code — which may include old t–shirts and torn jeans — stand out from the pack by dressing well; it will make you look (and often feel) far more professional. Improve your skills. You should be constantly looking at ways to improve your skills. Not just for the job you are in, but future career opportunities. The better skilled you are, the more valuable you are — remember to make sure those around you see the extra effort you are...

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Sink or Swim

by Shannon Scully Imagine if you had never heard of the Internet. “Google” would still mean a really big number and “crawl” would be how babies get around. Think of all you’d be missing if you had never been online: instant news headlines, discount shopping deals, access to the world in just one click. Has your small business heard of the Internet? Are you capturing opportunities to sell to a customer across the country as easily as you sell to one down the street? “We don’t need a Web site,” you say. “All of our customers are local. And besides, they wouldn’t use an e-commerce site if we had one.” If that’s your opinion, it’s probably time to rethink it. Consumers as a whole are moving online in droves ? your customers included. During the 2003 holiday shopping season, online orders grew 29 percent over previous years, according to research firm comScore Networks. And consumers weren’t buying just at mega sites. Small online retailers also enjoyed big boosts in their sales. Since it appears this “Internet thing” is here to stay, it’s survival of the smartest now. Despite all the favorable statistics, do you still worry e-commerce would kill the respected brand that took you years to build? We found four small businesses that say, Fear not. With at least 50 years of experience at each business, these owners...

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