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Random Thought:>> There really isn’t or wasn’t any need for 2 compressed music file formats…. This was just Microsoft being up to their old shenanigans so that the consumer could purchase their...

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Gmail priority inbox

Email overload? Try Priority Inbox 8/30/2010 08:55:00 PM (Cross-posted from the Gmail Blog) People tell us all the time that they’re getting more and more mail and often feel overwhelmed by it all. We know what you mean—here at...

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Walmart sells Wii for $150

For a limited time walmart will cough up a $50 gift card after the purchase of of a new Wii console, effectively dropping the price to $149. And because its walmart you’re gonna spend that extra $50 anyway. Wii Console...

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Keep that Job!

Last edition of the Tribune, I offered some thoughts on how to land your dream job. In this issue, let’s focus on those already there; here are seven ideas on how to keep that gig! Work smarter not harder. Working night...

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